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Rogue Heart - On Sale Now!

Rogue Heart By Bernadette Gardner

A Chi-series-enhanced human, Onika can seduce any man, but the fatal flaw in her biological programming is that she falls in love with her targets. When Zed, the enigmatic scientist who created her, wants to see her, she chances a reunion, determined to convince him to change her biological programming and free her from her enslavement to chemical lust.When she finds Zed has been brutally murdered, she feels relief and terror. No one can save her now, least of all Aidan Fynn, the attorney assigned by Central Command to represent her. Given into Fynn's mercurial care, Onika faces the greatest challenge of her life to not fall hopelessly in love and lust with the former soldier once he learns the only way to gain her trust is to take her to his bed.



The first thing Aidan learned after being pulled from basic training and sent to study at Central Command’s legal academy was that both guilt and innocence were negotiable.

He’d waltzed into the prison in Yebec Cavern Settlement believing he’d be negotiating Onika Ramos’ guilt. After all, Central Command had briefed him on her history. She was Cy-Ops—a body reclaimed and rebuilt by Zed Lantrell in the early days of the man’s ambitious and somewhat psychotic bio-gen experiments. She had every reason to hate the man who’d plucked her from the comforting bosom of death and thrust her back into the Viliri war as a spy and a glorified sex toy.

Justifiable homicide would be easy to prove.

Now as he studied her from across the dimly lit interrogation room, he berated himself for not anticipating two things. One, that she’d actually seem indignant at the insinuation of guilt, and two, that even wilted from a full day in the custody of morons, her beauty would stun him.
Of course, she’d been made that way, designed by Lantrell to be irresistible to the opposite sex. He’d have to find a way to boost his immunity to her obvious charms if he was going to get this job done. He couldn’t afford to get sidetracked by those wide electric blue eyes, the silky curtain of hair, the perfectly seductive lips and skin like fresh cream.

He stood a little straighter and captured her sullen gaze. “We don’t have to work on your defense right this minute. Follow me. We’re going home.”

She tilted her head like a curious feline and smirked. “I don’t have a home, Mr. Fynn. Surely Central Command told you that. I go where I’m needed, stay until the job is done, and move on.”

“Well, right now, your job is to do as I say, and that includes going to my home—or at least my temporary residence here on Serilon. You’ll remain in my protective custody until your trial is over.”

The term “protective custody” seemed to startle her a bit. Here was a woman used to being owned rather than cared for. She rose shakily from the metal chair to which she’d been bound and paused to tug at the deliberately short hem of the tunic they’d given her. Aidan’s gaze followed her fingers as they brushed the tops of her thighs. Unbidden desire surged, and his cock gave an involuntary pulse.

If she were to reach above her head, the woefully inadequate garment would rise enough to reveal all of her secrets. Lightning fast, his mind provided a visual. She’d be smooth, exquisitely curved and delicate, and her ass would fit perfectly against his cock…

“I’m ready when you are.” She forced the words through a tight jaw and Aidan reined in his inappropriate thoughts. He didn’t fuck clients. At least not until he’d won their cases.

Onika Ramos was off-limits for the time being.


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