Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hits and Misses for the week

I'm in the mood to be semi-controversial today, so I'm going to blog political. Agh! Dare I? Yeah.

So let me start with a big MISS for the week.

The headline: The President lifts ban on Overseas Abortion Funding

Okay, so this is part HIT, part MISS

While I am unabashedly pro-Choice and I believe the ban was to begin with, I have to wonder why any time would be wasted lifting a ban on funding NOW? Don't we have more pressing problems? Aren't we in a terrible recession? So how does lifting a ban on funding to overseas groups of any kind benefit US? Because you know the first thing those overseas groups are going to do, now that the ban on their funding has been lifted, is stick their hands out for, guess what? FUNDING! Which we can't afford at the moment because we're too busy pumping money into the failing banking system so financial CEOs can buy new cororate jets. So the new administration gets 1 point for lifting a ban. Minus 1 point for doing it at a bad time.

On the other side of the coin, I give a big HIT to our First Lady for giving the thumbs down to Ty, Inc for fashioning dolls with the names and likenesses of her daughters. The Beanie Baby company now conveniently denies that their new dolls, susiciously bearing the same names as the First Children, were patterned after them. [Iguess it must be a big owie when the First Lady calls you on your stupidity and insensitivity, huh?]

And a huge HIT for the week: M&M Premium Chocolate Raspberry Almond

Not only are the M&M Premium candies gorgeous [I wish they made beads that looked like this!], they're really tasty too. M&Ms have arrived in the 21st Century.

So in all it was HIT week. What are your HITs and MISSes for the week?


Jen said...

Hmmmm...okay, I'll take you up on your dare.

Re: The Ban -- I completely understand what you're saying. I think it was a PR move more than anything else.

Re: The Dolls -- I'll probably come across as being SO un-PC since I've been steaming about this one.

While I understand Mrs. Obama's desire to protect her children's privacy, I think her expectations are unrealistic. Unfortunately, as much as the girls might want to live their lives in private, their parents CHOSE to elevate them to recognizable public figures.

I don't understand how people who make the DECISION to live in the public eye can then complain that they've become part of the public domain.

The dolls aren't over-sexed BRATZ or anything like that. (If that had been the case I would have understood Mrs. Obama's position.) They're cute and innocent just like the girls themselves.

Is Ty exploiting the girls to make money? Sure, isn't that what companies do? But in the long run, wouldn't it be great if children of ALL colors were excited about playing with two African American dolls because they're the daughtes of the President of the United States?

Re: The M&Ms -- I'll take your word on it! ;-)

My hits and misses:

MISS -- Burn Notice came back and it was B-O-R-I-N-G

HIT --I can't remember if the "Miracle in the Hudson" was last week or the week before, but while everyone congratulates the captain, etc. I would like to say that the ferry boats, who reached the plane first and no doubt kept the passengers from panicking since it was obvious help was on the way, did an AWESOME (although under-recognized) job.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Re: the dolls - I totally agree that once you become a public figure [by choice] you do forfeit some of your right to privacy, however-if the company had made dolls of let's say Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, you can bet their parents/agents and managers would have their hands out to the company saying, 'Where was the contract to use their name and likeness and where are the royalties?' Why shouldn't the Obamas have the same option?

Sadly, the girls are probably thrilled to have dolls made of them [I'm sure any little girl would be].

Re: the M&Ms, I'd send you some but I ate them all.

Re: Burn Notice - drat. We just finished watching Season 1 - gotta get Season 2 - you're up to Season 3, right?

I agree with the big HIT on the plane crash rescue. Everyone may have 'just been doing their jobs' but it's great to see a catastrophe averted by people who can keep their heads about them in an emergency.