Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oh nos!

After holding it's own against two other gorgeous covers, The Matchmakers is now trailing in the Embrace the Shadows poll.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, enough shameless begging. I'm now in the throes of trying to write sucknopses for TWO stories [one still needs a few more scenes, so I'm hoping a synopsis will help me round out the plot and the dang thing finished.]

What's your system for writing synopses? Do you write them before or after the story itself? I tend to make 'fast draft' type synopses first, which often end up having little to do with the finished story. Then when I'm done, I go chapter by chapter and take notes. I end up with pages and pages of notes, which I have to boil down into something short and sweet. This is torture.

Let me just say to all those publishers and agents out there who DON'T require a synopsis - I LOVE YOU!

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Jen said...

I sympathize with your synopsis blues. Hate 'em!