Friday, September 25, 2009

How cool is this?

A fellow Romance Diva just posted this link and I had to come over here and blog about it.

From the How Cool Is This file:

Star Trek Cologne.

It's too bad most perfume gives me a headache, or I might be tempted to put one of these on my Christmas list. At $29.95 a pop they're a bit pricey as far as I'm concerned, but the novelty factor is high.

I'm not sure I'd opt for the Red Shirt fragrance. Seriously - do you want to smell like you're expendable? I would definitely have to go with Pon Farr. You have to figure it must be a sexy scent, and you can't beat the IDIC insignia on the bottle. I used to have an IDIC pendant, not sure what happened to it, but it was mega cool. [For those of you who aren't familiar - IDIC stands for the Vulcan concept of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination. Pon Farr is the Vulcan 'blood fever' which precedes the pinnacle of their 7-year mating cycle.]

The important question here, of course is, how soon will this stuff show up on The Big Bang Theory?


Annalee said...

Cool! Collector's item. If I had to wear perfume, this would be it too. But same here, I breathe much too easily without perfume.

Kristen Painter said...

I'm kinda surprised it hasn't shown up on TBBT already. (I love that show!)

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

TBBT is my favorite! I do wonder if wearing Pon Farr would present a dilemma for Sheldon. After all it is a Vulcan scent, but he may not want to attract a mate just yet. ;) [Wolowitz, on the other hand, would probably bathe in it.]

Jen said...

lol, that's too funny

DH has a cologne named after his favorite pen company (it's actually a heavenly scent) but he'd probably trade it in for a Trek scent in a second