Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Are you ready for the snow?

We heard this question all last week - and while I feel the pain of everyone south of us who got caught in 'Snowmaggedon' - it's hard for me to muster any confidence in the weather report when here in upper New Jersey, we didn't see a single dag-burn flake of the white stuff this past weekend.

I saw the weather maps and it looked ominous - a huge cloud of white crawled across the United States headed straight for us like a tidal wave.

Then nothing.

Today, it's gorgeous outside. I have to say, this is one the nicest days of February I ever remember. Usually Valentine's month is horrid, cold, wet, icy, frigid and mean. Today I went out to clean off my car windows [my windshield wiper fluid dispenser is broken] wearing only a sweatshirt. [Well, in addition to pants, a shirt, socks, sneakers and underwear, but you get the picture.] I also took a short walk from the corner and enjoyed a bit of fresh air in preparation for supposedly being snowed in for the better part of the next two days.

The storm that's coming is bigger, badder and more of everything 'snowpocalypsey.' Schools north of us are already closed for tomorrow, companies are putting employees on alert that they may be getting the day off too.

I'm ready. But I just want to say beforehand, that if we don't get any snow this time - I'm going to ridicule the weather services unmercifully until they cry.

Bring it on, Mother Nature. I'm ready.

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