Thursday, March 31, 2011

Size doesn't matter

Really, it doesn't. I got my birthday present early this year [git yer mind out of the gutter!] - It's an iPod Nano and it's an itty-bitty little thing, but it can hold like a gazillion songs. I've loaded up about 9 CDs worth of music and only dented the memory.

It looks big here, but it's really only a little bigger than a square inch. It has a clock, a pedometer, a radio and it can hold photos too. I never fail to be amazed by technology. If they make these things just a little bit smaller, we won't have to carry them at all, we can just swallow them. Talk about marching to your own inner drummer.

Now Playing: Kiss Me by New Found Glory [one of my favorites because there's an excellent Jack and Gwen fan video set to this song]

How big is yours? [Your MP3 player, that is?]

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