Monday, April 25, 2011

The Big 1000

I just stopped by to write a post apologizing if I'd scared anyone with that Skynet report. I didn't want anyone to run screaming into the wilderness - just to be aware that killer robots from the future could very well be on their way here RIGHT NOW!

Anyway, I dropped in and realized that my next blog post would be my 1000th!

I can't believe I've written a thousand blog posts already. Do I really have that much to say? I must, I talk all the time, just usually to myself.

How many blog posts have you written? Did you celebrate any of them?


Cassandra said...

If I add up all my blog posts from all my various blogs, then I've probably posted around 4,000 blog articles, give or take a handful. lol.
I'm a regular Chatty Cathy. Scary. :P

Congratulations on your 1,000 blog post! Looking forward to more books from you. ((hugs)) C.C.

Jennifer Colgan said...

Thanks, CC! I've been writing like mad lately, so I'm hoping to have some new releases very soon.