Monday, May 09, 2011

They wonder why

Welcome to my rant for the day.

One of my jobs for today was to set up a bunch of doctor's appointments - all the yearly checkups are due, pediatrician, dentists, eye doctors, orthodondist etc. So I dutifully made a list of six doctors and their phone numbers, got out my calendar and sat down with the phone to try and arrange dates that don't conflict with school, work, other appointments, vacations, etc.

Out of six phone calls, I was able to reach one office and actually make an appointment for my daughter and myself at the eye doctor. Everyone else had an excuse:

computers are down

office is closed today

office is closed this morning

too swamped to make appointments at this time

constant busy signal

It's ridiculous. You'd think since doctors are so deeply entrenched in the idea of having patients show up constantly and pay them money that they'd actually make sure someone was available to answer the phone and make appointments on a Monday morning.

If was just for me, I wouldn't even bother calling back, but as a Mom, I've got to keep my kids medical records current and make sure they're up to date with checkups. Sigh. You'd think they'd be a little more anxious to get people into the offices.

/rant, now back to our regularly scheduled blog

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