Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Here comes trouble!

Right now his name is Rio, but he'll be getting a new name once he comes to live with us. My good friend "R", the troublemaker, has a mess of kittens and she offered us one...well, actually two, but this little guy won me over the minute I saw him. He's got one black ear and one white ear and he looks like a Dalmatian.

How could I say no?


RedWriter said...

He looks like trouble, I mean fun. Ha ha :) x

Jennifer Colgan said...

Hi RedWriter! I hope my other cats don't think he's too much trouble, LOL. They're getting too comfy ruling the house, so it's time to shake up their world a little bit. ;)

Lookie Lou said...

Adorable! Just finished Fresh Blood and loved it. Now I am a new fan. Since you have a new kitty you might want to check out our blog, radio show and tv show We are pet people.
:) Woofy Woo

Jennifer Colgan said...

Hi Lookie Lou! I'm glad you liked Fresh Blood!

I'm patiently awaiting our new arrival. More pics will be forthcoming. :)