Monday, September 19, 2011

Guest Blogger-Lucy Woodhull

I'd like to thank my fellow Liquid Silver author Lucy Woodhull for stopping by today to talk about her new sci-fi rom-com release, RAGNAR AND JULIET!

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for allowing me to stop by to chat about my book, RAGNAR AND JULIET, a romantic comedy space opera available now from Liquid Silver Books. "Romantic comedy space opera" is a fancy way of saying "hot alien sexy times on thrusting star ships."

Here's the blurb:

RAGNAR AND JULIET by Lucy Woodhull

Bounty hunting is usually so easy. Flash a little cleavage, mix a roofie cocktail, and Juliet has her man right where she wants him: out cold, ready to be swapped for cash. Her passions are freedom, trashy clothes, and pie -- not necessarily in that order.

Hunky alien ship captain Ragnar doesn't deserve torture at the hands of the psychotic king who hired Juliet; he liberated one of William the Nefarious' illegal concubines. Juliet can't ignore such a noble act. She doesn’t trust men, but this one, with the kindest smile she's ever seen, picks away at her resolve to stay aloof and clothed. He's just so...nice! Crazy she can deal with; sincerity is terrifying.

Before she gives in to her irrational urge to get a timeshare with him (and his cute tail), they're caught by the bad guys. Ragnar disappears and abandons her to her disgusting captors -- so much for togetherness. Perhaps he’s not such a saint. Even worse, Nefarious William (who prefers "Bob") has nominated her for Concubine of the Evening. This dubious honor does not thrill her, and only a few hours remain before the king’s mind-altering drugs obliterate her free will.

Sexual slavery might not be fatal, but Juliet would rather die. Of course, the third option (run away to a beach and hump Ragnar silly) is the best, if they can live that long.

I think witty people are the sexiest, so I tried to give my hero and heroine (you guessed it -- Ragnar and Juliet) witty banter galore. Of course, a smart-mouthed hero is just as likely to get smacked as kissed, and rightly so. They don't teach it Biology 101, but I happen to know that the funny bone leads directly to the lady bits. Maybe we should call it the funny boner? How else to explain my illicit lust for Mel Brooks and Will Ferrell?

I sincerely hope that RAGNAR AND JULIET can give you a chuckle at the end of a long day. Or during a long day. Heck, just call in sick to work, draw a bubble bath, and read romance for eight hours. Dr. Lucy* says it’s okay.

*Not a medical doctor.

You can check out RAGNAR AND JULIET at Liquid Silver Books and read a sample. (

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Lucy Woodhull

Be sure to stop by Lucy's awesome blog, Miss Worded, to find out more about Ragnar and Juliet and Lucy!

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