Friday, March 06, 2015

It's your lucky day!

If you've stopped by to visit today, guess what! You can get a FREE book!

For three days the re-release of Devil's Due is FREE at, so go get your copy right now!
Friday 3/6, Saturday 3/7 and Sunday 3/8.

4.5 STARS! "Alex is fantastic, he is cold on the outside but when you begin to understand his feelings he becomes an instant favorite." - Sensual Reads

Ceara Landon would do anything for her younger brother Kevin, even if saving his life means shattering his dreams.

The skyrocketing success of Kevin’s band is a dream come true, but Ceara sees the truth. His increasing drug use will destroy him.

Ceara traces the source of Kevin’s rise to fame back to night club owner Alexander Quinn. The sexy entrepreneur hides a terrible secret. He buys souls for the Devil, and he purchased Kevin’s in exchange for fame and fortune. Desperate, Ceara offers her own soul in exchange for Kevin’s. For the first time in his lonely existence, Alex risks everything to refuse. He agrees to help Kevin achieve true success, but the price for Ceara is high. She’ll have to barter her heart to the man who wants to possess her body as well as her soul.

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