Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sun Dogs and Interdimensional Portals

It's been a week already and I'm really not looking forward to going to my offices this week. I'm supposed to be in Edgewater tomorrow and Saddle Brook on Friday and guess what - all I really want to do is write.

My WIP is shaping up for the Beastmaster Pax and I can't wait to see how it ends. Plus I'm still rolling that TOR-targeted single title paranormal around in my head. I just don't have the time any more to actually 'go to work.'


I shouldn't complain. So instead I'll dwell on my reviews at Literary Sass and I'll leave you with this shot my son took during our Liberty tour.

Cool, huh? What's interesting is that at NJRW I attended a very cool panel called Metaphysics 110 in which we discussed spirit photography. The author running the panel [and shamefully I cannot remember the correct spelling of her name so I won't even try to screw it up here] showed a similar picture and said this was actually a dimensional portal and that portals follow people. If you know where they are, you can step through. Fascinating concept for a story...though I certainly hope my eight year old doesn't go stepping through any portals into other dimensions. He's not even allowed to cross the street by himself.

Here's another one he took too:

Now it looks as if the portal is closing. Yes. I'm definitely getting an idea for a story. And I still have to go to work...bigger sigh.

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