Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 21

Thirteen Things that Amuse Me

1. Watching my dog dream
2. Listening to my son tell a story
3. Hearing my daughter giggle on the phone with her friends
4. Popping bubble wrap
5. Sorting beads
6. Reading cookbooks
7. Getting a package in the mail
8. Mixing paint colors
9. Using my mortar and pestle
10. Sketching
11. Adding new MySpace friends
12. Sorting my TBR pile
13. Browsing at garage sales

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Jennifer Elbaum said...

I'm glad there was a space between "reading cookbooks" and "using mortar and pestle" because otherwise I'd think you were grinding up something poisonous to use in a recipe!

Tempest Knight said...

Hehehe! I used to love to watch my dog sleep. He would bark and move in his sleep and I knew he was dreaming of either chasing cats or happy to see his doggie biscuits.

Gina Ardito said...

Bubble wrap's my weakness. I have to pop every one, then I take the sheet and twist it to make sure I got 'em all!

Paige Tyler said...

Great list! I love watching our dog dream, too!


My TT is at

Amelia June said...

I can definitely relate to getting packages--I'm unnaturally excited about mail.

Sparky Duck said...

dogs dreaming is so funny and I just got a mortar and pestle and lurrvvv it

Jennifer McK said...

Um, my best friend's nickname for me?
MySpace Whore.
I don't know WHAT she's talking about.

Robin L. Rotham said...

I can see most of those, but sorting beads and reading cookbooks? (shaking head) You are easily amused, lady.

Debbie Mumford said...

Nice one. I could sit back and sigh with enjoyment! Thanks.

Heather said...

Being a crafter, I imagine you sorting beads is much like me sorting through brads and other assorted embellishments for my cards -- no matter how many you have, you can never have enough. LOL -- Great list!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Yep, Heather. The bead thing is an obsession. I love to buy tubs of beads and sort them by color and size. I love to find ones that match - I guess maybe it's TMI, but it's sort of a balm to the brain to just veg out in front of a pile of little beads and separate them into tiny containers. It's a Zen thing.