Sunday, October 14, 2007

So I guess I should post...

Lately it's been a real chore to come up with blog topics. I used to have a lot to say and I enjoyed the journalistic aspect of writing a blog - coming up with 'articles' and pertinent subjects that might be of interest to my readers, other authors or maybe even the occasional editor or agent who might have the time to happen by.

It seems like now, when I sit down to blog, I think...ugh. Other people seem have interesting topics, funny stories, cute pictures...and I just....don't.

I'm wondering if it's my increasing frustation with Blogger. It seems like everything I try to do with Blogger takes forever and it comes out wrong and has to be redone. I have to go through several formerly unnecessary steps just to read and post comments and it's a real drag. Several of my fellow divas have changed to Wordpress and I'm thinking about doing the same, but that requires a learning curve and I'm not sure my general malaise when it comes to all things computer would be able to handle that.

I'm also wondering if it might be my increased committment to actually writing [fiction that is]. The whole list of extraneous author activities like blogging, collecting friends on MySpace, chatting, creating a database of excerpts...etc. takes so much away from the actual business of writing. I feel overwhelmed. I need to work on three or four short stories, sequels to existing books and a new single title. I just don't want to devote so much of my week to considering blog topics, hunting down appropriate photographs or messing with tedious HTML codes in order to make things look good.

Maybe I'm getting lazy in my old age, or maybe I just really want to focus on what's important, creating new stories.

I need a new approach to the blog if I'm going to continue doing it - should I go with a quick update of my progress a few times a week? I conversational style? Stream of consciousness? Or post more mechanical things like quick tips and tricks from the mind of a writer and editor?

As a reader, a writer - or whatever you may be, what type of blog post do you like to read?


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Well, I like 'em all, but I'm weird that way.
I think that having a "day" that's for certain things gets people coming back for more.
Thursday Thirteens are pretty good and other things. (Crystal does "Sunday Funnies" and "Hump Day Hotties")
As long as I'm consistent, I think people come back.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jen. It could just be the change of seasons that has me out of sorts.

Jennifer Elbaum said...

I think consistency is the key (not that I practice what I'm preaching here). I go to a few author's blogs once a week because I know they only post on Mondays. I don't always get there on a Monday, but it's comforting to know I've got the whole week to mosey over.
I've been to a few blogs that are something like:
Monday: Craft Wednesday: Marketing
Friday: Brain Dump ('k, they don't call it brain dump, but that's what it is)