Sunday, March 02, 2008

I can't shake the worm

Maybe that didn’t come out the way I meant it...what I meant to say is, I’m addicted to Bookworm.

I’ve been playing it all weekend on the computer and I cannot stop. Just one more level, just one more five-letter word, I promise! Sunday, we didn’t eat dinner until 7:00 pm because I had made it all the way to level 15 and I had to keep going.


I don’t play a lot of games anymore, because I just don’t have time and because this is what happens to me. I can’t stop.

The up side is, when the kids catch me playing, they help me, so I get them sucked in too. Anything that will encourage DS to spell. The downside is, DH also hovers over my shoulder while I’m playing and he coaches – until I want to kill him.

“No no NO! Not that one – look – there’s B E A M – that’s four letters, take that one.”
“You gotta watch those three letters words, you know.”
“No, not that – use the Q! Use the Q!”

He makes me want to run over his toes with my desk chair.

I need an intervention. I should have been writing Sunday afternoon. Instead I sat around listening to a little green worm tell me ‘Good job!” every time I used the Q. I guess maybe I just needed some positive reinforcement, even if it comes from a worm. ;)


Jen said...

We love to play Scrabble but I can only play one game a day, otherwise I spend hours worrying about what words I can make out of different combinations of letters. It literally keeps me up at night, so I completely understand the addiction!

hmmm...disdain...that's a seven letter word and it's got an s in the middle I could add it to....

Cora Zane said...

That game is evil. Completely addictive. It's worse than solitaire. Can you tell I have it on my computer too? LOL! ^_^

Annalee Blysse said...

I used to have a Pogo account and was addicted to Poppit. I loved playing Poppit. They sold license to have a slot game for gambling now! Gee.