Saturday, March 29, 2008

Still cruising along...

It's been a week from heck. [I can't say Hell, because I know people who have had it much worse than I have.] My week has been annoying but not tragic.

Good news: I finished round one of my rewrites.
Bad news: Now the ms needs round two.

Good news: I have everything ready for the Winterguard Host Show.
Bad news: It's today.
Good news: This time tomorrow it will be over.

Good news: The fridge technician came back yesterday to work on my fridge.
Bad news: He still can't find the right replacement parts.
Bad news: He says the repair shouldn't have been covered under warranty.
Good news: They have to do the repairs for free anyway.

Good news: Took the kids to the dentist. They have no cavities.
Bad news: I don't think the dentist is in my insurance network anymore.

Bad news: My computer got a nasty virus.
Good news: DH fixed it.

Good news: Next week, Spring vacation is over.
Bad news: I have to work my butt off next week to catch up.

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