Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Farewell to another George

Actor Don S. Davis who portrayed General George Hammond on Stargate SG-1 passed away at the age of 65.
I credit Mr. Davis with actually getting me interested in Stargate because the first time I found an episode while scanning channels one evening, I saw him and said - Oh, there's Scully's father! [He also played Dana Scully's father on the X-Files]. I wanted to see what Captain William Scully was doing on some other show.
My condolences to Mr. Davis's family and to the cast and crew of Stargate SG-1 who I'm sure will miss him terribly.
In other news: I'm also over at Star-Crossed Romance today talking about promo. Drop by for my acerbic opinion on that subject.

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Jen said...

He was definitely one of my favorites on SG-1!