Monday, June 30, 2008

Five Angels for Ambrax!

I was thrilled over the weekend to receive a 5-Angel review from Fallen Angels for Forbidden World: Ambrax.
Here's a snippet:
I’ve read a number of Gardner’s books, and I’ve always enjoyed them. This is one of the author’s best, in my opinion. - Jean, FAR
Not to toot my own horn, though I often hear that, as an author, I should, I have to agree with Jean in that Ambrax pushes the envelope for me. I pulled out all the stops to make this story something as edgy and unusual as I could. Ambrax did make the top ten in Erotica at Fictionwise back in December but kept a low profile after that. I'm so happy to see the reviewers are enjoying it.
For more info on what I hope to be the first of a series of Forbidden World stories, visit Amber Quill Press!


Jen said...

I have to agree, this is an AWESOME book. Loved, loved, LOVED it! The chemistry you created btwn these two is amazing!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Thank you! I can't wait to visit these characters again. They're the only couple so far who will probably feature prominently in another book.

Jen said...

I, for one, eagerly await their next book!