Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trying to Forget Sarah Marshall

So last night, the complete lack of decent television compelled me to visit Blockbuster. I rented Forgetting Sarah Marshall which stars Jason Segel [oddly enough, Marshall from How I Met Your Mother], Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis.

This movie was the talk of the town when it came out, and I’d been looking forward to seeing it...Now I can add it to the list of movies I’m glad I didn’t spent $10 bucks on.

It had its funny moments. Seeing Jason Segel in the full Monty, however, was not one of them. That, I think was one of the big draws. Few movies, even R rated ones, bother will male frontal nudity because, let’s face it – who needs to see that? I certainly did not.

No offense of course to JS who seems like a really nice guy and does a wonderful job on HIMYM, but he ain’t no romance hero. If you get my drift.

Yes, I know. I’m being somewhat sexist. Romance writers tend to rail against the idealized female figure – we prefer to write heroines who are not size 0 [like Eva Longoria, who recently made news by tubbing out to a single digit nothing from 00 which is apparently in Hollywood, the new size 2]. We’re tired of the blond, blue-eyed nymphettes who are lovely enough to be runway models, yet brilliant enough to be astrophysicists. So who am I to be less than impressed with a male physique that’s not streamlined, tanned, waxed and oiled?

I offer my sincerest apologies, however, I’m still going to do my best to forget Sarah Marshall. I imagine I will have a much easier time of it than Jason Segel’s character did.


Kristen Painter said...

You know, I keep looking at this on Movies On Demand, wondering if I should check it out.

I'm thinking no.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

If you've got HBO or ShowTime, just wait until it shows up there. You'll get all of the...squick factor without having to spend any extra cash.

Jen said...

This wasn't going to be on my list to see, but now I know to never see it. Thanks for the public service!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Oh, boy. That's two down - I fear getting an angry letter from Jason Segel for cutting him out of royalties for two movie rentals.

Hmm...maybe I should start a moview review blog?? [In my copious spare time of course.]