Thursday, November 20, 2008


I must have one of these.
It's called a Smart Fortwo and it's just adorable, don't you think?
Sure, it is literally a tin can on wheels. Not much bigger than a Matchbox car, it's not made for highway driving, and it's real purpose is for city folk who will be hopping short distances to go from office to Starbucks to pick up their dry cleaning to the corner market then back to high rise apartment, but damn...
I WANT one!! I could fit four of them in my driveway. Heck, I could probably fit one in my purse.


Jen said...

They are cute. My stepson
(who is 6'2") had his picture taken next to one when he was in Italy a few years ago. He TOWERED over it and said if he climbed inside, his knees would be up by his ears.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Yeah, not good for tall people, not good for anyone with more than one kid, not good for people who like to take things with them when they travel - like a wallet, or a coat, probably no room for groceries and I bet I couldn't fit a Dalmatian in the back se...oh, wait, there IS no back seat...but nevertheless it's like the puppy of cars.

Jen said...

Yeah, but like puppies, it's too damn cute! I'd like a purple one please.