Saturday, November 08, 2008

What size do you prefer?

Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about purses.

I ask because I often find myself faced with the purse dilemma. A big purse is great because you can carry everything. In addition to the essentials like wallet, keys, sunglasses and cell phone, you have room for those important emergency products every woman needs - like a novel, a can of hair spray, coupon file, manicure kit, assorted lip gloss and a small pharmacy.

The down side of the big purse is they tend to become satchels that you sling over your back like Santa on Christmas Eve. They weigh a ton and usually you can never find what you want inside, even though you KNOW it has to be in there somewhere.

Last week, I dumped my satchel purse and went for something petite and compact.

It holds my wallet [a new, smaller wallet], a miniature hair brush, my keys, cell phone, sun glasses and a pen.

You would think I could get by on that, but I'm worried. What happens when someone hands me something to carry?

For instance, DH will regularly hand me his wallet and his keys when we're out shopping - because being a man and having pockets sometimes isn't all its cracked up to be. The kids do the same thing. I become the repository for small items they buy and don't want to carry - the lip gloss, the Matchbox car. I become the holder of the four useless crayons that come with the kids menu in any restaurant. [Heaven forbid they just leave them there - it's not like we don't have 4000 crayons at home]. I become the keeper of the Nintendo DS, the library book and anything else they are too frail to schlep home from wherever they've been.

Now I can't do that. In fact, I had to perform origami just to get my paycheck in my purse on Friday. There is no extra room at all.

Maybe I should get a new big purse and just put my small purse inside it. That should solve all my problems.

So, big or small? Which way do you roll?


Jen said...

I tend to go for a pretty small purse UNLESS I'm flying. Then I take the biggest purse I own (with a smaller one tucked inside)and stuff it 'til the seams are bursting.

Anonymous said...

I cheat :) i carry a big ish bag and have fold up bags inside it in case i have any shopping to do etc. that way if i need to carry other things i can carry them without worrying.

By big-ish, i can put a novel in there as well as a pen, my purse, my small notepad etc.

Pen said...

Hey! That's me! I carry a huge bag my friends call "Samsonite" in the car, but inside, there are several smaller bags with essentials in case I have to walk a while. Satchels are terrible for your back and shoulders. They also make you look larger. *gasps*

gwen hayes said...

It depends.
For awhile, I switched to small because then I no longer had to be The Keeper and children learned they needed to bring their own bag if they wanted to carry stuff.

Now I am back to bigger because I have a mini computer I sometimes like to carry with me.

Charlotte McClain said...

My biggest deciding factor when looking for a purse is "will it fit a book?" It must be that big, but bigger is okay. Now for flying, I have an enormous monster bag that is the biggest allowable size in which I stuff my purse and every other thing I might need while trapped in a seat for 12 hours plus a couple hundred DVDs that I don't want to risk in the checked bags.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

You'd think I'd have learned by now. My mother switched to a small purse a few months ago and all she does is complain she can't fit everything in it. The trick is to find a purse that's big enough for everything I might possibly need in any conceivable circumstance, and still not so big as to be a nuisance.

I think the answer to this dilemma may involve physics that has not been invented yet.