Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I worry

I worry about a lot of things, but my current worry centers on video surveillance.

Why, you might ask? Since I'm fairly scrupulous about obeying the law, you would think the idea of video surveillance would not bother me, but it does.

Here's why.

I talk to myself a lot. Being a writer, I often have conversations with characters. Being slightly neurotic, I also have conversations with me, myself and I quite a bit, and sometimes with people I know who just don't happen to present at the time. Sometimes I argue with them. Usually I win the arguments, and often I forget that people can sometimes hear or see me talking.

This morning, as I rode up to my office in the elevator, I was finishing a heated debate with someone who wasn't acutally there, and I realized that the elevator most likely has video surveillance. So it's entirely possible that somewhere in the security office of the building, someone was laughing their butt off at the crazy lazy who talks to herself in the elevator.

I need to start carrying an iPod. Then at least I could use the excuse that I'm really singing.


Anonymous said...

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Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Thanks for that scintillating info, Anonymous. Way to be pertinent.

Jen said...

LMAO at your comment

Maybe you should get one of those blue tooth headset things. You don't have to actually hook it up to your phone, but people will always assume there's someone on the other end of your conversation.

Kristen Painter said...

I was going to say what Jen said.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I could carry a dictaphone around with me too, and look 'important' while I talk to myself.