Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Butt in Chair...

The writers I know talk about this a lot. The most important tool a writer posseses is the chair that sits in front of the desk. If your butt isn't in the chair, your head isn't in the game so to speak.

So today I sat my butt in the chair. [I also did laundry but that's like breathing. I can't NOT do it.] I reread the first 42 pages of my Amber Quill Super Hero Story [the second one] and put another 24 pages on paper. I've almost reached the end, thank goodness. This one has been tough to write. I'm not sure how much market there is for erotic comedy, and this is pretty tongue in cheek - though not much tongue in other places.

I also have a handful of pages written on my sequel to Hunter's Moon. I'm really excited about that one and I can't wait to be able to concentrate on it completely.

The day is almost over - as far as my writing time goes. The kids will be home soon so I want to see if I can finish this final conversation before the bus gets here. Butt in chair.