Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Little Bit of Everything and an Excerpt

Well, yesterday was a bust. I ended up not going to work and moved my day up to Monday. My son started complaining on the bus stop that he didn’t feel well. He suffers from acute schoolitis now and then so I figured he was faking but he complained of stomach pains and he was clammy so I let him stay home. To make a long story short and skip the nonsense I went through with my mother, it’s a good thing I decided to stay home with him because he ended up being violently ill all day.

Fortunately, he feels better today, though he’s not 100%. I suppose something is going around the school. That’s where it always starts. Tomorrow we’re supposed to trek to Pennsylvania to visit my SIL in her new apartment. I hope everyone is well enough to go.

On to lighter topics – I’ve been slacking with my excerpts. Bad me. Today how about a character study?

Jake Beaumont [who looks remarkably like David Boreanaz] from Bonfire of the Vampires is my version of the tortured vampire, leading a double life, in love with a human, Abby, and afraid she won’t be able to deal with the reality of his vampire existence. In the Bonfire world, vampires aren’t exactly soulless. They are different, but not necessarily evil. Jake is one of the good ones, but the depths of his goodness are about to be tested when he discovers he’s not the only one with a devastating secret.

FIVE ANGELS! My, oh my – if you want a twisting, turning, tantalizing plot, Bonfire of the Vampires is for you! – Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews


Abby saved Jake’s life once, when he was human. Now that he’s a vampire and she’s a vampire killer, will she be willing to put her heart, her soul and her very life blood on the line to save him from herself?


Her lips were warm and yielding and her body molded perfectly to his despite the thick coats they wore.

Jake looked into Abby’s eyes and the regret he saw there made him want to scoop her up and carry her back into the house.

He’d been so close to asking her to stay the night. He wanted her so badly it made his teeth itch. Not to mention what it did to other body parts.

He broke the goodnight kiss and cool air rushed over his lips, evaporating the flavor of her.

“Can’t Eleanor take care of the alarm?” Jake hated to sound like he was begging, but he was.

Abby blinked snowflakes from her lashes and smiled up at him. “It’s Christmas Eve, Jake. She’s got little kids. Besides, the store is on my way home. I just have to go set the alarm. I can’t believe I forgot it again. It must be a mental block or something.”

“Let me come with you.”

She shook her head. There was that hint of sadness again. Obviously she didn’t want to leave any more than he wanted her to, so why was she insisting?

Tonight they finally seemed to have broken through the wall they’d built between them, the one that formally separated their friendship from anything deeper. They were finally getting somewhere, and the damned burglar alarm at Treasure Trove ruined it.

“I really need to go, Jake. It’s all right. I’ll call you tomorrow.” She stamped the gathering snow off her boots and turned toward her car. Exhaust billowed up in the frigid air forming a fog that rolled down the driveway. Huge wet flakes swirled through the headlight beams that illuminated the interior of Jake’s spacious garage.

He opened the driver’s side door for her. “How about you come by for breakfast, say 9:30?”

“Why don’t you come to my place, and I’ll cook?” Her offer was tantalizing. Alone at her place, alone at his, it didn’t matter where they were as long as they were. He’d put this off too long.
“I’ll be there.”

“Goodnight, Jake.” She brushed her lips against his jaw and he caught her and held her for a moment. Three years of moments like this flashed through his mind. They’d come so close so many times. He was tired of almost. Why couldn’t he just tell her he wanted more than this? “Merry Christmas,” she said as she slipped from his embrace.

She slid into the car seat and moments later the little Toyota rolled down the drive, its tires crunching the snow flat, red taillights disappearing in the blue night.

Tomorrow he would tell her, he decided as he turned and stomped back into the garage, dislodging snow from his shoulders like a white shroud. He’d tell her everything and pray she would understand. Would she still want him if she knew the truth? It was a chance he had to take.

* * *

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