Thursday, May 25, 2006

So Happy It's Thursday!

Let me start by saying:

Taylor Hicks won American Idol!!
That's so cool. I've been rooting for him all season [even though I don't watch every episode]. He deserved to win because he's different, innovative and talented. I'm glad he could prove that you don't have to be sixteen to be the next big thing in Hollywood. Our obsession with youth is getting out of hand and Taylor proves that it's not how old you look but how old you feel that's important. I may even join the Soul Patrol!
Caution: There may be spoilers ahead.
What an awesome season finale last night! I loved it! The best part was the statue and Sayid's line: I don't know what question concerns me more - where is the rest of the stature, or why does it have four toes? Apparently this island is a lot bigger than anyone guessed before.
The bird was cool too. Hurley: Did that bird just say my name?
I guess the hatch is gone now and no more planes will be crashing on the island. Cool twist, it seems Henry Gale is the leader of the tailees. At least he acted like it.
I wrote 22 pages of Hunter's Mate yesterday. The draft is very rough, but I'm liking how its turning out so far. Today I'm going to edit the AQP story and probably send it off to my CP with fingers crossed that's it not as campy as it seems to me. Though maybe campy is good. Who knows.


Zinnia said...

I didn't finish watching AI this time.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Hi Zinnia! I get a little bored after the auditions are done, and besides, I coulnd't miss BONES or LOST this year. My daughter kept me posted.

Anonymous said...

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