Sunday, August 27, 2006

All washed up...

Or all rained out. Today had to be the soggiest summer day on record. It rained all day long - but at least it's not hot and humid - it's chilly and humid.

My cold feels a little better and I can't really complain, since I logged another 3400 on my WIP. Yesterday's total ended up being 7000! I did 2000 more before I went to sleep. The cappuccino helped! I think I'll have some more tonight.

Here's a shot of the back yard [sans rain]. That big bare spot behind the swingset is where the spruce used to be. That's the volley ball net in the lower yard behind it. It's funny how the swingset looks like it's closer to the house now. I never realized how much room that tree took up. The swingset is the next thing to go. The kids have pretty much outgrown it. Once that's gone maybe we can get a good crop of grass growing.

Sixteen days until school starts!!


Zinnia said...

Tomorrow is my kids' first day back to school.

Raining here today, thank God. It's been terribly dry and we thought we might lose our melons, gourds, and squashes if it didn't rain soon.

Way to go on the word count. You sound like me when I'm on a roll.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Hi Zinnia! Thanks for stopping by. We had another day of rain. I dragged the kids food shopping, which they consider torture [trust me, so do I].

Enjoy back to school! I cannot wait!