Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vacation or Hiatus?

Today is the second week day of Winter Recess, which means the kids are home all day, every day for the whole week.

Usually I get very little done during these 'vacations' - for me they're more like interruptions of life as I know it.

I'm plugging away slowly at everything, but it ain't easy. Yesterday I got a bit of editing done AND I finished the draft of the short story I'm planning to submit to Nocturne Bites. Now it has to cool for a day or two, but I want to get it out ASAP. Since the line is new, I want to get something submitted fast before the editors get inundated with submissions, as I'm sure they will. With all the paranormal authors out there, it's only a matter of time before the in-box is flooded.

Today, I'm off to the office. Budget meetings are throwing my little neighboring township into a frenzy and I'm swamped - which for a change I don't mind. I like being busy at the office. Got to drag the kids out of bed and drop them off by my mother for the morning, then listen to people argue about whether or not to stop providing water and coffee for the office workers in order to save money. SIGH. When will they learn? Keeping morale up will help keep expenses down, people. Pay attention .

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Jen said...

Cue "Pressure" (the David Bowie version please)