Friday, April 18, 2008

Lazy Daze

It's not often these days that I read a book that makes me want to put my own writing aside [and housework and editing and everything else] just to finish it, so today is red letter day.

I just spent the last hour finishing The Beach Club, by Elin Hilderbrand. I read until my eyes got blurry and I couldn't quite make out the numbers on the clock telling me it was well past time to order the pizza for dinner.

Good thing I wasn't planning on cooking tonight, because I had to finish this book.

So what made this story of the guests and staff at en exclusive Nantucket resort so interesting? No one saved the world. There were no sizzling sex scenes, no spaceships or sexy vampires. This one came from outside the box of books I usually pick from. I got drawn in because the characters are compelling. To borrow the cliche, they lead lives of quiet desperation [usually a big turn off for me] but they just wouldn't let me put the book down. Like with the works of Nora Roberts, I was pulled into their world and I didn't want to leave until they were finished telling me their tale.

Nice work. I'm off to search for other books by this author. Anyone who can get me to set aside my own work in favor of hers deserves some more of my time.

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