Saturday, March 21, 2009

I blame the daffodils

This is actually supposed to be yesterday's post, but I just didn't have any spare time yesterday to blog.

I decided it had to be the fault of the daffodils that the first day of spring began with a snow storm.

It was one of those where the flakes are big and wet and gloppy and they stick to everything. It happened, I assume, because the other day when I pointed out to DH that my daffodils had begun to bloom, he said, "That means it's going to snow, just for spite." Well, lo and behold it did. Winter basically said, "I'm not finished here yet."

I was in fact, all ready to be annoyed the whole day - BUT I have to say, winter redeemed itself. Not only did the snow not have to be shoveled, it looked absolutely beautiful on the trees. My drive to work was stunning, especially when I caught sight of a line of just-starting-to-bloom weeping willows in a corporate park. Covered with their layer of snow, they were the prettiest shade of pale, pale green. They looked like they were glowing.

So, yes, I blame the daffodils for the snow, but they had the right idea. It was a nice way to say goodbye to winter [hear that, winter? I said GOODBYE now! Be on your way, thankyouverymuch.]

Next up: Tomorrow, let's dish about the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA finale!


L.K. Campbell said...

It does seem that when you're ready for spring to get here it takes its time. We thought spring had sprung last week, and then it got cold again. Now, it's warm again, but we're not out of the cold weather yet. Beautiful picture, BTW.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Thanks, LK! I wish the picture was mine - I found it on the web, but it is pretty much one I could have taken here yesterday.

Jen said...

I wasn't too thrilled yesterday either. Better today though.

Cora Zane said...

I be back to compare notes with you over BSG! ^_^ And how about those daffodils... I believe it. They are to blame. Sort of like whenever you hear a lawn mower going in the neighborhood. I immediately look over at hubby and say, "It's gonna rain".

Happy weekend!