Monday, March 02, 2009

Little Treasures

My post today is about the fun of finding something unexpected. As an epilogue to yesterday's cleaning frenzy, DH decided to rummage in the kitchen cabinets and you never know what you'll find up there.

Now in addition to our regular cabinets, we have a row of small, rectangular cubby holes on top of our cabinets. They are covered by magnetic panels rather than hinged cabinet doors. They're hard to reach, so I use them only to store those few things that I don't want to part with but that I rarely use.

DH found a container of old silverware up there, which was a good thing, because we actually could use some extra silverware. He found cookie cutters and a bag of old kitchen magnets and all the extra serving spoons I keep on hand just in case I have to do a lot of serving.

Plus, he found something that had to have been up there for more than a decade. This little bench was sitting in one of the cubbies - never found before in all my excursions up there. I wonder if a little Faerie might have placed it there?

I have no idea where it came from and I certainly wished I'd found it back when I was making doll houses. It would have been perfect on the porch of my ranch house.

In addition to this little treasure, I got another nice surprise today:

Strange New World received an 85 from Mrs. Giggles!

Strange New World, I feel, is the perfect nibble-sized read in between action-driven romantic urban fantasy romances...

I think I'll imagine myself sitting on my little bench, basking in the glow of a great review.


L.K. Campbell said...

The lady we bought our house from left all kinds of stuff here, but no hidden treasures. Most of it was cleaning supplies. I guess she didn't need it in the senior citizen condo that she was moving to. Her bathroom trash cans were much nicer than mine, so I appreciated those.
Congratulations on the 85 from Mrs. G.

Kristen Painter said...

Congrats on the 85! That's awesome. The bench is pretty cool, too.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

LK, i inherited a lot of cleaning supplies too when we moved in. My aunt owned my house before I did and she was a spotless housekeeper - me, not so much. I suppose I could ask her if she remembers the little bench, but I wonder if she even knew it was there.

Kristen, thanks! The bench is on my desk now. I have to find someone small enough to sit on it.

Jen said...

The review is awesome, congrats!

I can think of a certain imp who might like that bench....