Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tecnhology rocks...but...

Here I am taking a break from painting my den/home office. [Don't worry, pictures will follow shortly. I took before pics and some during pics of the room completely empty with the new paint on the walls.]

Anyway, I'm sitting in the living room with my laptop [the rest of the slackers are playing Wii] and I'm even on battery power! I'm connected via the WiFi we just had installed. Who would have ever thought back when I was my daughter's age, that computing would be this easy and this much a part of our everyday lives.

I remember back when we had to save data on cassette tapes and the only programs the computer could run were written in basic. Now I can instantly publish a blog entry with photos and everything from the comfort of my lap on a computer I can carry around in a book bag.

And yet, I still have to slap paint on the wall with a roller and a brush. Can someone explain to me why computer technology has advanced from the stone and chisel era to warp drive in my life time, and yet painting a 10 x 12 room is still an all day process?

Oh well --- and here's an update on the color - Arabian Sand...think of a box of Crayola Crayons - remember the color they use to call Flesh, and now they call it Peach?? Yeah. That's the color.

Not sandy at all.

But it still looks nice. Now wish me luck getting DH to assemble my new desk and book case.


Jen said...

If NASA had to paint the moon, you know there'd be a better system designed.

Peach and white sounds like a great combo. Soon it won't be PC to call it Arabian Sand anyway...

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

LOL! Too true on both counts.