Friday, June 12, 2009

From My Keeper Shelf

I was just sitting here gazing at my bookshelf and thinking about keepers.
I have two shelves currently full of books I won't get rid of - this is pared down a lot from years past. After my book shelves collapsed when I was a teeanger, I had to learn my lesson about keeping every single book that passed through my hands.
While most of my keepers fall into the categories of YA, romance, non-fiction and research, I have one that doesn't really fit any of those labels.
Years ago when my kids were little I invested in a couple of the Look -Alikes books. They're amazing picture books in which miniature scenes or objects are built out of everyday items. The rocket ship, for instance is made from a thermos, pens, a shuttle cock, some buttons and various office supplies. The work that went into these models is phenomenal and I can stare at the pictures for hours. My kids have somewhat outgrown the game of the books - find all the objects you can hidden in the picture. But I haven't. I still love to look at them and I probably always will.
Do you have any unusual books on your keeper shelf?


L.K. Campbell said...

Back in the early 1980s, after the original Star Wars movies were released, I purchased the 3-volume set "The Art of Star Wars". The first one included George Lucas' original script for Episode IV.

Two Voices Publishing said...

OMG, LK, I had those too! I think my husband may still have them somewhere. They were awesome books.

Kristen Painter said...

I've never seen those books, but they look really interesting.