Friday, September 17, 2010

And yet more awesome

I won the lottery...with book covers this year. [Had you worried for a minute there, didn't I?]

2010 has been THE most amazing year for book covers, and they justs keep getting better!

Here's the cover for Icarus Unbound [blurb can be found two posts down] the second book in the Icarus Reborn series, coming soon from Liquid Silver Books!

My awesome cover artist, April Martinez really captured my characters here. This is exactly what I pictured Jaran, the hero, to look like and Lara is even more perfect than the image I had in my head - which admittedly was a bit fuzzy. I always try to have a clear idea of what my characters look like, but on occasion they remain a little vague. The cover images have done the trick for me here, though, and made my characters even more real for me.

Do you always know exactly what your characters look like? Or have you ever written a character who remains a bit shadowy even if you've included a basic description of them in your book?

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