Monday, September 20, 2010

So many stories

As thrilled as I am to be working on more ideas for the Icarus Reborn series, I'm still nagged by all the other sequels and series and stories I've wanted to write over the years.

I keep a running list of ideas, many of which have been on the list for years and just haven't gotten to them. Granted some of the ideas were a bit lame, or thinly plotted, some are no more than a sentence or two defining a very vague plot, others are full five-page synopses of stories that are completely written in my head and just need to be spilled out onto paper.

If I had a team of assistants who could transcribe ideas directly from my brain I might have a chance of seeing all these stories finished one day, but I'm sure then they'd only be replaced with yet more ideas.

How many ideas do you have in reserve? Does it frustrate you not to have them all on paper at once?

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