Friday, November 10, 2006

[Picture removed in 2012]

A picture paints a thousand words, so they say. I chose this one from this weeks episode of LOST because I thought it said a lot.


Those hands belong to Kate and Sawyer, who are, in my humble opinion, LOST's hottest couple. They have a chemistry together that any romance author would love to write about. They sizzle because they're not all hearts and flowers.

Sawyer is the bad boy of the piece. He's a con artist, he's cynical, an engima wrapped in a tough outer shell. And Kate is by turns angelic and enigmatic as well. She's just as big a con artist as Sawyer. They compliment each other because they're two damaged souls who have learned to do anything necessary to survive.

So it stands to reason that when pushed to the brink of human endurance, they would end up together in a scene that would have been sexy as all get out, if it hadn't been for a few obvious questions like - how did they do the nasty on the damp jungle floor outside of Sawyer's cage without getting completely covered in mud? [Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic, but these things bother me.] How did Sawyer's shirt get big enough to cover Kate like a blanket and when did they manage to put all their sweaty, dirty clothes back on before the evil Others came back with murder on their minds?

When was the last time either of them brushed their teeth?

I'm sorry, but that's where my mind was during the scene. I know, I'm bad. I mean, come on. I'm a romance novelist. I've had characters get busy on the banks of a stream, in a cave [a couple times in a cave - I happen to like cave sex] on a stone altar, on a beach...I do tend to gloss over the 'I need a shower' factor in my steamier scenes sometimes, but reading it and watching it are two different things.

Anyway, the point of this post is, I love the Kate and Sawyer ship. These two are totally hot and I love the idea of the bad boy being won over by the love of a woman, but for heaven's sake, please let them find a new hatch with a working shower and a bottle of mouthwash sometime SOON or I'm just going to get skeeved.

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