Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Red Hot Review

I just got my first review for Molten Man and it’s scorching!

Five hearts! Molten Man does more than melt metal, he’s sure to melt the reader’s heart too and cause a fever deep within. – Valerie, Love Romances.

Aside from that, nothing much is going on. I'm working in the office all week. Ugh. And I'm proctoring the ASE tests this week, which, while it's not hard work, means my work day doesn't end until about 11:00 PM. I still managed to work on my WIP, the question is, is this story going in the direction I want it to go? I won't know until it's done, but as usual, I'm second guessing myself.

I just ordered some new business cards. I went for broke and decided to have the full color covers for Ken'Ja and Soul Jar printed on the backs along with review quotes. This way I won't have to make stickers...I don't know if the extra money was worth the time I'll save printing, peeling and sticking on homemade stickers, but I think the cards will look pretty snappy.

I also had a quick meeting my my accountant today [I'm my accountant, btw] and she said that this time last year I was about $270.00 in the red as far as income to expense ratio for my writing. This year I'm well in the black, so apparently I've improved my earning capacity. Hopefully next year at this time I'll be in the green!

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