Saturday, September 01, 2007

August Backlist Winner!

Okay, so I didn't win the $330 million. Shucks.

But someone won something just as good - okay, slightly comparable.

Okay...not even close to $330 mil, but hopefully enjoyable nevertheless.

Congratulations to the August Winner! Of my Backlist Bonanza Book of the Week Contest:

Cathy MacDonald

Cathy’s prize is a download of The Demon of Pelican Bluff by Jennifer Colgan!

Don’t forget, my Backlist Bonanza Book of the Week Contest continues all summer. The final prize will be awarded on September 30th.

To be entered to win, just stop by my BLOG, at MySpace each week to read an excerpt of my Book of the Week and leave a comment, or e-mail me at or with any comment or question about my books. I’ll draw randomly from a list of all commentors to award the monthly prize.

Congratulations Cathy!


Cathy said...

Thanks so much. Have a great week.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Your welcome, Cathy! Thanks again for participating!

Jennifer Elbaum said...

Congrats Cathy!

I bet you'll love The Demon of Pelican Bluff, I know I did!