Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ursula Says!

Thanks to Gwen Hayes for helping me name my internal editor! It was getting kind of tedious just referring to her as ‘the B!tch.’

Ursula seems a fitting moniker for the entity that now haunts my dreams and makes me edit them, and who won’t let me just type out a first draft on the computer without making me go back and fix all my typos immediately. Ursula is also the one who torments the hapless authors who are assigned to me when I freelance. They can tell you, she adores red ink and comment bubbles and will wax rhapsodic on any editing related topic.

Ursula is a cruel mistress and she has a lot to say, so I’m thinking I might appease her by letting her take over my blog once in a while to talk about editing. Stay tuned for the first official installment of ‘Ursula Says!’


Jennifer Elbaum said...

Can't wait!

Gwen said...

I am so glad I can be of use, lol.