Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm boycotting weather

bad cloud Pictures, Images and PhotosOr maybe I should just boycott all weather reporting services.

This weekend was supposed to be the town wide garage sale - in which we were participating. So I've been sticking little neon price stickers on my old junk all week, and collecting small bills and coins for change. Yesterday we got up [way too early I might add] and DH started moving cars and lugging tables up from the basement under a cloudy sky. The rain began before we started setting anything else up and since the forecast was for showers by noon and thunderstorms by 3:00, we decided to scrap the whole deal.

After that initial scattering of rain, the rest of the day was dry, cool and pleasantly breezy. In fact I went to visit other people's garage sales - the brave souls who ignored the weather reports and lugged their junk to the curb anyway. Sigh. By dinner time the sky was blue.

So, we decided to chance the 90-minute drive to Warwick, NY to go see Star Trek again at the drive-in! We put on our pajamas, packed the car with snacks [I bought a Red Bull for the trip because I was already tired from getting up so early] and off we went.

The kids were thrilled because neither of them remember our last trip to the drive-in when they were merely toddlers. After taking the winding roads to the outback of nowhere, we pulled in just 2 minutes before the show started and settled in [after an exhausting hike to the restrooms] to watch the movie.

Halfway through, the rain started, so we watched the movie with the wipers on while lightning split the sky above the screen. It was actually pretty cool. I'm glad I'd seen the movie before, though or I would have been mega-disappointed when the screen started to get wet. We also had a spider in the car! And after that gruesome discovery I was itchy for the rest of the night.

We stumbled home around midnight and flopped into bed. Today is cold and windy, so we're not doing the garage sale today either. SIGH. Off to go foodshopping. Weather be damned.


Kristen Painter said...

Sometimes the skies just don't cooperate, do they?

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Around here, it's almost never. The rule in NJ is don't plan any outdoor activities unless you want it to rain.

Jen said...

I hear you about the weather. We went to a graduation ceremony that had to switch to its "rain plan" --
of course it was the first time in the schools 100plus year history the ceremony was not held outside -- ugggh.

I've never been to a drive-in....