Thursday, May 28, 2009


 I finished three books in two days. Reading them, that is. That's the biggest dent I've ever put in my TBR pile in a single week.

How? Well, the lack of valuable projects at work has had me aimlessly web surfing for days, so rather than do another damn Sudoku [I'm getting pretty good at them actually] I decided to embark on a mini-read-a-thon between making the office coffee and stamping the outgoing mail.

What? I finally finished Alan Dean Foster's version of the new Star Trek saga. Was it good? Um...I have to say no. I guess I've spent too many years learning how to STICK TO ONE FREAKIN' POV PER SCENE to not have the book make my eyes bleed just a little. Also, and perhaps in his defense he may not have had a script to work with, or had an original script that changed, but some of the best bits of the movie are subtly different in the book and not better.

The next book I read was Always Looking up by Michael J. Fox. I don't read much non-fiction but this account of his life since retiring from acting due to Parkinson's disease and his political quest to lift the ban on stem cell research was interesting and inspiring.

Finally, I downed one of the BBC Torchwood Books called Almost Perfect. Any book with John Barrowman on the cover can't be all bad, and this one was rather cute and a very fast read.

This week, three books - next week - the world!


Jen said...

Procrastinating much?


Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Oh, you noticed that, huh? I wasn't going to mention it.

Jen said...

Very subtle.

On the other hand, the creative well needs to be replenished, so as you say in the above post, the reading is medicinal.