Thursday, April 06, 2006

More on Taking Chances

I'd wanted to be a full-time novelist ever since I was ten years old… - novelist Nikki Gemmell

This article could have been written by me [except for the BBC part]. I stumbled across this first thing this morning in between checking my e-mail and my message boards. I saw a little image on my home page that lead me to the International Museum of Women on Yahoo Health.

So, even though I'd always wanted to be a writer, when I went to university I thought, "I can't just be a poet sobbing in a garret because I can't make a living out of that."

I never usually click on things that look like advertisements but this one caught my attention and in keeping with the angel theme from yesterday, I had to wonder why I made my way to this article. After blogging about guilt and responsibility, it certainly helped my state of mind to find another writer in the same boat.

...that the most satisfying life is a life doing what you really want to do.

I can’t agree more.

Here’s the link to the homepage. Lot’s of interesting articles.


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