Saturday, January 13, 2007

CP Strikes Gold

I’m going to brag on my CP Eden Bradley today. She just struck another two-book deal with Bantam! Talk about having a tiger by the tail! Her first novel isn’t even on the shelves yet and her editor is buying more. Am I jealous much? Like hell, but Lisa’s got the goods and she deserves every success. I can’t wait to waltz into Borders and see the Eden Bradley shelf – and be able to say, “Guess, what? I KNOW her!”

You know what I’d like to do one of these days, [when I have a lot of pocket money, that is]? I’d like to walk into a bookstore and buy an armful of books, but only those written by Romance Divas. How much fun would that be? To go pick up a dozen titles and every one of them from someone I know. I think I’m going to start saving up...

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Eden Bradley said...

I just saw this post! Thanks for pimping me.
I've had the same thought, about going crazy buying a bunch of Diva books. We'd go broke in a minute-LOL! A nice idea, though.:)