Monday, January 29, 2007

Underdog Relationships

A lot of romances in books and on television, involve predestined love...the fated relationship that was written in the stars. Not long after the story begins, it’s crystal clear the Hero and Heroine belong together. They were made for each other and the progression of the story bears that out. Even through the dark moment when all seems hopeless, you just KNOW they have to work it out because these two are a perfect couple.

Look at Buffy and Angel for instance. There’s a perfect example of fated love. The Vampire and the Vampire Slayer. He loved her from the moment he first saw her [when he was 257 and she was 15, but we won’t go there]. Their love survived death [a couple of times] but it couldn’t ultimately survive the logistics of a modern relationship. Oh well. I ended up in the Cordelia/Angel camp. Sorry, but the underdog relationship won out. Sure, Buffy and Angel were fated love, but the Cordy/Angel ship [also pretty much doomed from the start] had an advantage. It grew over time, it evolved, whereas Buffy and Angel started with a bang and [okay, the actual bang came later on, but you know what I mean] and burned and fizzled, burned and fizzled.

Now I’m rooting for another underdog relationship. I got sucked into Smallville by DH and right away I dismissed the Clark and Lana ship – Pul-ease! A drama queen who cries at the crack of a well-manicured nail? Give me a break. This was fated love and it stunk. Now, they’ve got Lois Lane in the picture. Another fated love – Superman and Lois Lane go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So why am I rooting for Clark and Chloe Sullivan? I can’t help it. From season one, Chloe has been Clark’s best friend, his rock, his foil at times [they make each other mad, they fight, they storm off, and they come back together and reconcile because they can’t live without each other.] They’ve stood idly by watching each other’s other relationships crash and burn. Is it just friendship? Hell no. It’s a lot more than that and I’m going to be pulling for them all the way. There was a show called Lois and Clark. They had their time, now let’s see what happens when the friendship is allowed to evolve. Push aside the drama of the destined-to-be-together story line and give me good old fashioned home grown, one step at a time, romantic friendship love any day of the week.

How about you? Do you prefer the destined love that’s written in the stars, or the underdog relationship that no one thinks will ever work out?


Ashley said...

Hi! I was just passing through blogs and I just wanted to say that even though I am a huge comic book fan who knows that Clark and Lois are "destined" to be together, I agree with you and I've been routing for Chloe and Clark since the beginning of Smallville.

And you have a very nice blog!


Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ashley! It's nice to meet another 'Chlark' fan! LOL.

Robin L. Rotham said...

I LOVE Smallville! That's the only show I watch every week -- well, except I was gone last week, darn it!

As much as my heart bleeds for Chloe, I think Clark deserves a little more trouble from a woman than she would give him. BUT I didn't buy the dreamy look on his face after Lois accidentally kissed him. Was it bad acting, bad writing, or bad chemistry? I'll withhold judgment until I see more of the two of them together. :D