Saturday, January 20, 2007

There's nothing on!

It used to be that during the summer months, you had repeats of all your favorite shows and by the time you got done picnicking, partying, swimming, sunning and taking vacation, it was September and all the shows were new again.

Then something happened. I think it was cable, maybe it was an actors' strike, I don't know. But nowadays there are so many lulls in the television season it's a wonder anyone bothers turning the tube on at all.

It seems like the TV schedule goes like this:

September: The new season premieres for most shows
October: The shows that are too 'hot' for a September premiere begin
November: Sweeps - things get interesting for a while
December: It's the holidays, nobody's wathing anyway, put on repeats
January: People are watching sporadically, alternate between new episodes and repeats
February: Sweeps! Things get interesting
March: see December
April: see January
May: Sweeps! Time to wrap up the season with cliffhangers!
June, July, August: Replace highest rated shows with insipid reality TV and repeats

It's January and I'm tired of repeats. I'm tired of having nothing to watch every other week.

Give me something good to watch before I have to subscribe to the "Let's Watch Paint Dry" network. Arrrgh!


Robin L. Rotham said...

Smallville is running a string of new episodes and 24 just started another new season, so my son is happy, and I'll watch both with half an eye when I'm writing. Grey's Anatomy is in new episodes right now, too, and I'll watch that if I happen to be in the livingroom when Mr. Robin turns it on.

The only kind of reality TV I can tolerate is stuff like Dirty Jobs and the one about how things are made. And Mythbusters is amusing, too.

That's the sum total of my sporadic television watching. Pretty pathetic, eh? Oh, well. It keeps me from suffering too badly when reruns hit. You have my sympathies. :D

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Hi Robin! Yep, at least there's Smallville. I'm trying to keep up with the current season while I catch up from the beginning. I'm in the middle of season 2 on DVD right now. I suppose I shouldn't complain. Less TV means more time for writing. :)

Sandra Petrich said...

Hi there;
One writer to another:
She says..."you stole my lines"
He says...."you go baby"
I find myself in the same situation having a complete meltdown, grrrrrr! Nothing to watch on cable.
But the big plus is..that I go to my computer and into my fantasy world...Whahoo!
It is too bad that cable does not cut its bills by half..hmmmm!