Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A chuckle @ Mrs. Giggles

Today was a banner day! It started with my oversleeping by 45 minutes, so there went my morning walk. I figured then that the rest of the day would follow that path – and thankfully, I was wrong.

Rather than going down hill, things got better! I found a wonderful review for The Matchmakers in my in-box!

Amanda Haffery of Paranormal had this to say:
"Fast-paced, characters you can believe in, romance and faerie folk....what more could you ask for?... an enticing web of passion, romance, paranormal and suspense..."
Read the full review HERE

These days, reviews tend to trickle in very slowly, so to get one only a week after release is like winning the lottery! And, to really defy the odds, this wasn’t the only one!

I found out later on today that I’d been Giggled! Now, Mrs. Giggles has a rep for being harsh on books, so I always approach her reviews with my fingers over my eyes. Lo and behold, she gave The Matchmakers a 79!

Now, I could pull out the flattering quotes from her review, like where she says: “There are plenty of humorous moments that have me chuckling out loud as Callie tries to get Nick to cooperate with her. Nick's reaction to Callie's presence is amusing too. These two are fun to read...” or where she calls the book “a fun bouncy read,” but honestly, I think I enjoyed some of her more disparaging remarks even more.

I must confess I giggled a bit myself when I read her assessment of my hero Nick as: “[a] dim-witted asshole with the handprints of a million skanky women all over his much-used body.” ROFL. Come on, that’s funny. If Calliope weren't such a sweetheart, she'd probably have called him that herself.

Even better, she suggests: “Shouldn't we, I don't know, make him spend a week or so in a decontamination chamber before we allow him to have sex with another woman?” Snarf! I’ve often thought that about many a romance hero to be honest. I suppose my Nick is no exception.

I don’t know if the review will garner me sales or turn some potential readers away, but either way, I did actually enjoy it. Thanks for the giggle, Mrs. Giggles!

OH – and one more thing – I happened by Fictionwise today, where The Matchmakers is already available, and I noticed that it is listed as Erotica. Please note – The Matchmakers is NOT erotic romance. It’s sexy, sensual romance, yes, but it’s not erotica!


Debbie Mumford said...

Good for you! You have such an excellent attitude toward reviews. I was able to smile along with you...and that was a treat. {{{Hugs}}}

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Thanks, Debbie!

L.K. Campbell said...

Congratulations on your great reviews. It's good you can laugh along with Mrs. G.

Jen said...

Glad you got a giggle from the review, and I've got to say while I sorta agree with her assessment of Nick, it makes his redemption that much more powerful and sweet!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I sorta agree with her assessment of Nick,

Wait, NOW you tell me?


Jen said...

LOL -- it's not like you've painted him as a Boy Scout -- it's the whole opposites attract thing -- he HAS to be...less than offset her

It's why the book works so well, imho.