Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fresh from the vine

I've noticed that, like celebrity deaths, rejections seem to come in clusters. Like vine fruit, you can get a handful at a time.
In the wake of a small cluster of rejections, [one was acutally a very nice one, worth printing out and saving] I immediately picked up a pen and paper and started making a list of things I needed to do next. Mostly my list consisted of stories I want to finish and where I want to submit them, so today, my next list will consist of new places to submit the rejected stories.
I resisted the urge to mope, though sometimes moping can be fun and necessary. There's not time to spend on feeling bad when there are so many stories still to be completed, revised, edited, blurbed and e-mailed or plopped into the nice manilla envelopes I just bought at ShopRite for those snail-mail only submissions.
So what do you do when you get a rejection? Do you sit back and reassess, or start making lists? Do you mope, cope, rant, rave? [I can make good arguments for doing all of the above, mind you, so don't feel bad if you're a ranter.]
When life hands me cherry tomatoes, I make salsa.
*Note: I was yelled at by Photobucket for looking up the term 'cherry tomatoes.' Apparently, it's sexually explicit and I should be ashamed of myself for even thinking it.


Jen said...

Is no produce safe?!?!?!

When rejected, I sing along with my toy goat -- I've aptly named her "Rejection Goat" (unfortunately she's on her second set of batteries...)

Can't stay in a bad mood after doing something so silly.

Good for you for not wallowing and having a plan of attack!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Is no produce safe?!?!?!

Seriously. Ever since my lettuce was naked at Shop Rite, I've been hesitant to talk about produce. Now cherry tomatoes are bad. What's next?

I guess we can't even GO the cucumber route.