Monday, July 20, 2009

Staycation is over

After having four straight days off, I'm actually sort of looking forward to going back to work.

Yeah. I know. That's just about as wrong as neon blue soda.

Friday: Went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The movie was...good. Now, don't throw rotten cherry tomatoes at me. I enjoyed it. As I told someone who asked me, it was like visiting with old friends. It's great to see Hermione and Ron and Harry again, it's great to spend an afternoon at Hogwarts, but in this installment, there just wasn't that breakneck sense of adventure the other movies have had. I'm still looking forward to the next two movies that will make up the final installment of the series, but unlike with Star Trek, I didn't have the immediate desire to run back into the theater and see this again.

Saturday: Day trip to Seaside for a wedding. Thanks to traffic, we missed the ceremony, but interestingly, I've noticed that any proximity to the ocean mellows me out completely. The moment I see sand, it's like someone put a valium in my Kool-Aid. And the weather was stunning, so I really can't complain.

Sunday: The demolition of the disaster area that was DD's bedroom. We pulled everything out, painted the walls and put everything back, sans about three bags full of accumulated garbage. The color? See the blog header? That color purple.

Today: Food shopping, house cleaning...not sure where the 'cation' part comes in. I guess that begins tonight when I settle down in front of the tube to watch Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day One.

Have you taken a 'staycation' this year? How did you spend it? Was it more 'stay' than 'cation?'


Jen said...

Haven't seen Potter yet (although I read some purists are annoyed about some of the changes that were made -- did they bother you?)

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I read the book so long ago, I'm not sure I could tell you what was different. I had a vibe from a couple of scenes that seemed a little off, but unless I reread the book, I really couldn't be sure they were different. DH didn't complain, and he is a purist...if it were up to him each movie would be 14 hours long and include every single scene in each book.