Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OK, a slightly greater joy...

I'm not dissing the wonderfulness of cheap notebooks, mind you, but there is something just a little bit better and that is closing in on the end of a WIP.

I had a nice chunk of free time this morning [at work - gotta love that!] and I was able to get past the big denoument in my WIP. [Which happens to be the sequel to Skin, btw.] Now I have just one more major scene to write and I'm DONE!!

I'm so thrilled because, barring a Torchwood fan fic, this will be the first story I've actually finished this year. After going through a major period of disillusionment I began to wonder if I'd ever get my groove back, but this story seems to have done it.

Now, I really have no idea what I'll work on after this one is finished, but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Off to get tapping on the keys and put this puppy to bed.

BTW...there's one more thing that needs to be said. I've been holding off saying it because some people haven't seen Season 3 of Torchwood, but it's killing me not to mention it, so I will. If you want to read it, highlight the paragraph below:

I absolutely, positively and without reservation, forgive Jack for everything he had to do in order to stop the 456. He saved the world. Period. I know a lot of people are disillisioned about what he had to do, but he's probably the only one who could have gotten the job done. On the other hand, I don't forgive Russell T. Davies for the stuff he did. I'm really pissed at him for a whole bunch of reasons and the only way I'll forgive him is if he redeems himself spectacularly in Season 4. [And there just better damn well BE a seaon 4. Just sayin'.]

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Jen said...

That's awesome! Good for you!