Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interview with a Gargoyle

Do you have any questions for the gargoyle?

I do, but they'll have to wait a while. I just signed a contract with Samhain for my full-length paranormal romance, Interview with a Gargoyle.*

Here's the blurb:

Darkness has ruled the life of Blake DeWitt for over a decade. Cursed to spend each day from dawn until dusk encased in the hideous form of a stone gargoyle, he’s reached a new level of desperation. A chance encounter with a dying demon puts cake decorator Melodie McConnell in possession of the key to Blake’s freedom, but only her death will break the curse. How far into darkness will he go to reclaim the light?

*Yes, the title is a play on Interview with a Vampire. And no, actually there's not really an interview involved in the story, but nevertheless, if you have anything you'd like to ask a hunky hero who turns into a gargoyle by day, just let me know and I'll pass it along.


Anonymous said...


Love the title.

I would think that an interview with a gargoyle would be rather one-sided. Wouldn't he just respond with "stony silence".

((runs away...)

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Hence why there is no actual interview in the book. I will say this though, the hero really does have a granite jaw and rock hard abs.