Thursday, November 04, 2010

Speaking of years

The other day was Samhain Publishing's Fifth Birthday and that got me to thinking about how long I've been doing this writing stuff. It seems like I've always been a writer - since I was ten years old anyway and a school friend of mine and I decided to write our own soap opera. We created a cast of characters and gave them all complicated lives and problems. That was more than 30 years ago [yes, I'm that old] and we didn't follow the characters for very long, but I remember the creative process very well.

I'd like to say who would have thought then that I really would be a published author today, but I did think it at the time. Once I caught the writing bug, I dreamed of seeing my book on shelves, of doing book signings and appearing on talk shows to talk about how cool it is to be a full time writer.

Well, 30+ years later, I've seen my books in stores, and I've sat at a table and had people line up to have me sign copies of my books for them [it's just as much fun as I always imagined]. I've never been on a talk show, but I have been interviewed a number of times and that's cool too.

I've been published for five years, and oddly enough, I've been blogging for five years too - hard to believe I've managed to fill up my little corner of cyberspace with so much talk. It's been a long, often tedious journey and I know I still have a long way to go.

How about you? How long has your journey been? Where are you headed?

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JB Lynn said...

Hmpft! A lady never reveals her age.

Let's just say, too long.

Looking forward to my Carina Press release next summer.